Utility Base

Utility Base energy specialists

Utility Base are a small team of experienced energy consultants who have years worth of experience in the commercial market.

Our small team have worked for some credible brokerages/consultancies over the years learning the industry, creating strong relationships with both businesses & suppliers but also understanding the ethos within certain sectors.

In an extremely fast paced and profit orientated industry, we felt that many third parties are still prioritising profit-gaining methods which ultimately has a major impact on U.K. businesses/organisations annual spend and changes peoples opinions and views of the industry as a whole. As the industry evolves and pushes towards sustainability, we passionately look to prioritise the best possible avenues for our clients rather than promote options that are best suited for the employer or even the individual. 

This helps us create strong and transparent relationships meaning we work alongside our clients long-term to tackle any challenges that loom.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives.

Nor the most intelligent.

It is the one most adaptable to change” – Charles Darwin